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Intro To Bamboo

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About This Course
Intro To Bamboo is a Free Online Course. I will give you an introduction to some of the most essential parts when talking about bamboo and the capabilities you and the world can benefit from.

Many people love and have heard about this evergreen plant for many reasons. It is admired due to its renewable resource, eco-friendliness, sustainability and beauty.

The bamboo industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Bamboo’s appearance, strength, and hardness combined with its rapid growth cycle and capacity for sustainable harvesting make it very attractive around the world.

Maybe you have bamboo plants in your garden, bamboo floor in your house, bamboo straws in your kitchen etc. Most people have stumbled upon bamboo some how. But how much do you know about this plant? I will give you all the basic knowledge and much more in this course.

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In this course I will cover
  • Intro to the course
  • Sustainability and Properties
  • Species and Characteristics
  • Biology and Anatomy
  • Cultivation and Treating
  • Bamboo uses
  • Industry and Market
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intro to Bamboo

My name is Dennis, I will be your instructor in this course.

I have a big passion for bamboo, and have been studying the plant for many years. I have researched and traveled around the world to learn, and this plant just kept surprising me. Now I have so much bamboo knowledge, and would like to share my passion with you.

Learn and benefit from the amazing bamboo plant now