A Bamboo Project from the Danish Design Shool by Elena Werr

A student at Danish Design School made an exploration of Bamboo.

Together with Elena Werr we have made it possible to download this project (58 pages ebook) so everyone can learn from her experience. All Free.


“In order to guide the material experiments to achieve my goal of positively enhancing the perception of bamboo within society, I formulated the following research questions as an outline and starting point for the experiments”

How might I create a different surface appearance of the bamboo?

How might I conduct shape treatments with tools used in a common workshop?

How can I change the appearance and shape that you do not see at a first glance that the material is bamboo?

What are the properties of bamboo and how can I use them in further applications?

– Elena Werr

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(58 pages ebook)

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Watch a short video of the process exploring bamboo under here.

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